Hello World Take Two

Well back in May, Jet was kind enough to set up my blog. I kind of have been ignoring it because I’ve been stuck in a lazy rut, and thought my life wasn’t interesting/worthy enough to post about. And I realized that the above statement may be true, but I don’t really care. I kind of have lost a lot of hope when I didn’t get my raise, but there’s something freeing to losing, because now I’ve got nothing to lose [how appropriate that Pandora choose NOW as I type this to play ‘I don’t care’ by Fall Out Boys]. So I once again have an I don’t care attitude. Which, is better than caring so much you can’t sit still 🙂

So I’m going to start blogging -gasp-. I’m going to try to conquer writer’s block, try to write more, update job hunting status (p.s. if you need an admin assistant please contact!) and just stuff in general. My life might not be the most exciting, but as my newest character Aaron Tibbs says: “everyone can and does have a story to tell, and everyone should tell it, because your story is really the only true thing you own.” Well…okay, it sounded better when I wrote it (thank goodness for editing!) but point is: everyone’s story should be told. Yup.

Anyway, it’s 12:15 a.m. and I have to get up in 5.5 hours for a job I can’t stand. But, isn’t that most of the world?

Anywho, thanks for reading. Thanks Jet for setting it up. Hopefully I’ll get more interesting as I get more comfortable with blogging, but, hmm….we’ll see 🙂



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