Luck & Tips

Before we start: happy Friday the 13th, World!

I always thought it as a lucky day but hey, that could just be me. But today I’m not here to talk about luck, because it’s well known that I have none to very little. However, I’d like to talk about a couple of reviews.

I’m very disappointed in McDonald’s, World, they have switched my favorite burger on me: the Mushroom and Swiss burger by going to canned mushrooms. Ew. To me it resembles the taste of vomit. It literally leave that feeling on the bridge of my nose that I just threw up. Are you cringing yet? Because I am! Dear McDonald’s: can the canned!

Next I would vaguely talk diet. First off here’s what I hate: the word “diet”, Calorie Obessor’s, and people who let diets take over their lives.

The word diet is so negative. It sounds like it means giving up something instead of changing. Instead of counting calories I recommend being what I call “Calorie Awareness”. I used to not even look at the back of the package, but now I do. I buy only those “100 calorie” portion snacks that include my favorites from cereal bars to Oreo Cakesters to chips. It’s a great way to munch on work in the morning without hitting the vending machine every hour. I have in the morning a protein bar, a cup of fruit, and a yogurt (don’t know what the Doctor is talking about, I love the stuff with bits in it!). Then I’ll have a Healthy Choice meal that includes meat and rice or noodles, veggie, and a fruit based dessert. That leaves me full until I get home where I have a small meal.

Another tip for managing your weight is stopping eating when your full. Yes it’s horrible wasting food and yes it might taste so amazing; but don’t listen to your conscience or you taste buds. Listen to your gut! You won’t feel as bloated afterwords and you won’t gain weight you don’t need.

Now these are just tips to help prevent weight gain. So not the same to lose weight. There’s no secret to lose weight: you gotta exercise! Put on some headphones and it’s not so bad. I like techno and Irish music while I work out. Something to fuel the muse while burning the calories!

Well that’s it for now, World. I just txted this post on my phone, so I will edit any typos when I get home.

Have a great weekend, World!

❤ Ces

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