Where have all the good shows gone?

ARG!! I just got done watching Robin Hood Season 2 (BBC) and I’m so upset! They killed an awesome charrie, turned an awesome charrie unto an unforgivable ass, and made two of my favorite charrie’s stay behind 😦 I’m so upset right now I could cry! I don’t even know if I want to watch Season 3!!!!

But this always happens.

I get really, really, really into a TV show, and then they ruin it! Luckily Steven Moffat saved Doctor Who because that show was starting to go downhill a bit too, though not David Tennant’s fault. That’s right Davies, I’m looking at you!

Another list of shows I’ve been disappointed in:
-Robin Hood
-too many others to list!

But those have been the most disappointing. It’s no wonder I mostly stick to HGTV and Survivor! Arg I shouldn’t let it get to me so much, but I just had higher hopes for Robin Hood 😦 Major boo.

I am so writing my TV show though that I had an idea for. Not saying I’m a better writer than the others, but I know not how to not ruin characters!!!!

If anyone can recommend a good show that won’t get ruined after the second season, please World, let me know!!!!

Share your awesome thoughts!

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