About the Author

My name is Claire Evelyn Smith.

I am 25 years old, Female, single, and reside near Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. I was raised Catholic but I am no longer religious. I am not atheist, I just don’t like religion because it is too political for my tastes. I believe in equality that all humans are equal despite religion, race, gender, sexual preferences, or how wealthy or poor you are. If you are nice to me, I like you. If you are not nice to me, I don’t much care for you. Simple as that. It ought to be as simple as that. But people complicate things when they think they are better than everyone. You are not better than your neighbor. We are all human beings on this planet we call Earth. You might think that’s simple thinking, maybe it is, and I know most the world doesn’t think that way, but it’s what I believe. That is my biggest problem with most Western religions. If you are not part of that religion, you are going to hell. Um, no. But this is not a political debate, this is not a religious debate, I actually hate debating at all so let’s just move along, yeah?

Currently I’m an Administrative Assistant for a place I cannot stand. I dread going to bed because I dread waking up. I’m in the midst of job hunting but under no success. I graduated College of DuPage and for two years went to Southern Illinois University. I was originally going to go under English because I love to write but I didn’t want to be a teacher so I chose Administration. But due to the craptastic economy, I’m not having luck finding a job and I’m very grateful for the one I have even if I hate it.

My hobby is writing. I’m almost done with my first novel, In Need of Direction, and I’m very hopeful of getting it published. I have about four other books/TV/movies in mind that I hope to get on paper. Ideally, I’d like to quit being an Admin and start being an author :).

My other passion and addition is coffee. I used to work for Starbucks and became obsessed with coffee. My favorite way to prepare coffee is French Press or with a Keurig coffee machine. Brilliantly simple and fast!

In the near future I would like to publish my novel, save enough to visit Jet in England, eventually move to England. If I can’t move to England, I’d like to at least get a better job where I don’t have to freak out every time the end of the month comes around again. I want to start building a savings account, but I don’t make enough to save at all so it’s proving difficult. But I am getting better at saving.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it about me. Not very interesting, but everyone has a story to tell, so that’s why I’m telling it. And to help keep the sanity.

I hope to start building a ‘The Coffee’ feature where every week I will teach you how to make proper coffee and review my favorite Keurig flavors! So keep checking in for that ^_^. I also want to get back into poetry as I have not written any since High School. I also talk a lot about ‘The Muse’, which is just talking about writing and inspiration and how I write and anything involved with writing. Jet has kind of sort of gotten me interested a little bit in fashion, so I might write a few posts about that if I ever get enough money to spend on cloths!

Thanks for reading, World!

❤ Ces

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