Something old, something new…

Today’s been rather weird, World. Somehow was inspired and discovered my new series, The Time Traveling Diaries of Sebastian Barkley. Sounds good, no? Won’t tell you what it’s about though, you’ll just have to wait to read it!

Oh but I can’t wait to finish with In Need of Direction so I can get started! Progress is going slow. I just don’t want to work today. I want to sleep. But I really do sleep way too much, must work on that. So instead I’m forcing myself to edit, edit, edit, and I want to burn my book! But no, I can’t, I just have to continue to type.

Methinks I’ll save editing for home, and then work on my new story on my lunch break. That works, right? Mutli-tasking! The only good thing about this job is an hour lunch break, so I can get lots done by then 🙂

For those wondering, I’m on page 265 of 315 of editing, 50 pages left! Sooooo close, yet so far away. Sigh. Oh well, I’ll just keep on having persistence, and edit one page at a time.

One page at a time, isn’t that the story of life?

Take care, World, will report the Progress as we go!


❤ Ces

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