New characters are love!

I know this is my third post today, but I am just SO excited for my new series, World!

I have the plot down and the characters down and oh my God I just love them already! I’ve been feeling very sad and lonely since Charlie is no longer with me, because it felt like I lost my best friend when my story finished, and editing his story made me miss him so much more. But I finally feel like that hole that’s been in my heart since he left last year with the completion of Direction has been filled! I feel truly happy again and it is great. My muse is on fire, I can’t wait to get writing. That’s double motivation to get Direction finished! Huzzah I’m so excited! You have no idea hehe. Also I’m excited because the main character is a girl, and usually I can’t write or play girls at all. But oddly enough, I’m totally feeling her! Mimi Mockel is her name, pretty good yeah? And her little brother is funny too even if he can be a brat sometimes. Albert Mockel. I’m not sure yet on their surname but I like it so far. And Sebastian likes to be called Bas and has some very sticky fingers, he is soooooo much fun I can’t wait. And no, just because it’s a time traveling story it’s nothing like Doctor Who! Worked very hard to make sure of it hehe.

The full title is for the first book is The Time Traveling Diaries of Sebastian Barkley Book One: The Governor’s Daughter’s Heart.

Curious yet? You should be!

Anywho, I still got about 48 pages left of Direction, so have to finish that first or it’ll never get done. But arrrggg I just want to write the new stuff. Maybe I’ll write some new stuff before bed, like I did with Direction, write before I sleep! It’s a great stress reliever and it truly helps with sleeping. So if you have insomnia like I had in High School and college, try writing! You’ll be surprised. Weeeeee I can’t sit still I’m so excited.

But, back to work, World!

❤ Ces

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