Training the Muse

Yikes, World, I’m about to embark on something very, very dangerous.

I’m going to train my muse.

It was such a pain in the arse to convert word to text with my first book (blimey that sounds good to say, first book! Implies there are more books to come, huzzah!); that I decided to sod the muse (yikes) and write via computer! In Need of Direction, my first book, I couldn’t write on the computer. I tried to, but I just stared at the screen blankly watching the cursor flash on the screen as my mind froze and time seemed to stand still by the glow of the monitor. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic. Point is: it constantly caused writer’s block. Sooooooo I would hand write it. It was 500 pages hand written, and 320 pages on Word. But it also helped me sleep because I used to have a horrible time falling asleep between my constant worry and my over-active imagination. Here’s a hint, not a good combination! Writing was almost the only thing that helped me fall asleep at night.

But now a days I almost sleep too much, and after how much trouble I had converting script-to-word both my muse and I feel like we’ve come to agreement that it’s more trouble than it’s worth hand writing first draft. My muse even let me txt three pages of my new story on my phone! So although I can’t afford the new Samsung Epic 4g (sad,sad tear) as I decided to save my money so I can visit dear Norwich (check out Love Norwich on my blogroll if your wondering what that is!) sometime soon and glomp Jet and have Who nights! Yes I’m a dork shut up.

Anyway, I decided to keep The Governor Daughter’s Heart plot for my second book, because between introducing all the characters and the time travel elements, I was worried it’d cram too much into one book. And isn’t that the point of a series is, to have more ideas after? I have ideas for the first four books. So excited! How many books are going to be in it? Until my editor cuts me off or I get tired of it, that’s how many 🙂 Caaaaaaan’t wait weee.


And I’m already on three pages!

Well that’s it for now, World, it’s 8:04 p.m. in Chicago and that means I only have two hours to write, egasp! But Pandora is playing Orbital and I feel pretty good and so here I go writing more than three pages!

❤ Ces

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