The block hits hard…

Ouch, yikes, the breaks hit hard, World. I knew it was inevitable, as a writer everyone has writer’s block. But bugger I forgot how much they bloody suck! Evil, evil, things. I don’t know, today I was just so uninspired, it was just horrible. I finished season one of Castle, and Castle usually inspires me! It’s a great ABC show if you haven’t seen it staring Nathan Fillion. But I did do a lot of job hunting today. I applied for like every museum in Chicago, applied for Coco Cola corporate, and a few other random jobs on Tomorrow I plan on doing laundry at the folks, getting my oil changed, and hitting the government jobs. I was doing research on New York Times (the mother in my book works there) and I saw an article for present time reality, that September 9.76% of America is unemployed. Yikes, that terrified me actually. I may have turned pale, I certainly am getting chills now talking about it. Sigh.

But oh I am worried about my new story. I mean, three chapters in two weeks is pretty darn awesome, but I’m struggling with Chapter Four. Chapter Four is really, uber important because that’s when we meet the hero (and I use that term loosely lol) Sebastian “Bas” Barkley. I guess I’m just worried I won’t live up to him. I mean, I’m not very clever…so how am I supposed to write a witty person when I haven’t the ounce of wit?

Okay, he’s not THAT Witty, he’s no Captain Jack Harkness…but he’s got…something about him. I just have to figure out what that something is. Blimey. Need to work on characterization I think before I do anymore writing. My “research” is writing everything out before hand. I thought I did enough before I began the novel (20 pages free hand!) but apparently not. Hmm, back to Bas’s drawing board. All I know is I love Bas already, and I don’t want to let him down…he does after all think very highly of himself!

The other problem I’m having is the date I chose for my story, 1927. I chose it for the Jazz movement to have one of Duke Ellington’s legendary trumpeter Bubber Miley be who they sort-of-meet but there is NOTHING on the online records about January 2nd, 1927 in NYC! Bugger, bugger, bugger. I requested help from the NY Times Archives so I hope they reply back to me, but I’m doubtful of it. Oh well, I might go to my local library and see if I can dig something up. It’s like that year has been forgotten from history. Hmm, mysterious….

Oh well, hopefully I’ll start writing soon, otherwise…what am I going to do on my lunch breaks!

Cheers, World,

❤ Ces

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