Change is Coming…

So I kind of thought I’d be in this apartment for two years, but last weekend my parents suggested moving back with them. At first I was uber angry at them, but then I did the numbers, and I’ll be saving about a thousand a month…too much to let pride take over.

Plus, I get to go to England this year! Woop!

I’m going on Memorial day so I get three free days since it’s a paid holiday. I hope to spend maybe about three or four days in London and the rest of the time in Norwich to visit my friend Jet! Yay! I plan on going from May 27-June 6th…wooooo! Can’t tell you how excited I am…only 250 more days lol.

So because of England, I’m not too upset about the move. And my mom has too many United miles so she’s giving me some to go to England, so free tickets…bless her 🙂

In other news, I blocked the block so writers block is over with. My trick is just keep pushing. I think the problem is so far the entire book was leading up to meeting Sebastian Barkley, and when we finally do meet him, I guess I just froze. But Bas is wonderful, his self-heating jacket is wonderful, and there is going to be a disgusting amount of Mimi/Bas fic’s out there on the Net if/when it gets published *shudder*

Anywho, going to make some coffee (upset because I tried Pumpkin Spice by Timmothy’s and it was gross!) and then back to writing!

Happy Sunday, World!

❤ Ces

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