Mastering Inspiration….

So I feel like I finally cracked the code of inspiration.

I used to think that inspiration was a divine gift, that you did something, or saw someone else do something that inspires you. That it was a fickle thing that you had to grab and strike while the inspiration-iron was hot. This previous theory of mine is only half-right.

It is not from what you see, but what you, feel.

For instance, lately my writers block sort of returned as I’ve been feeling just…stuck and icky about my new story that was once so strong. I thought ‘great, this is it, I won’t be able to write again for another month’ as that’s what happened with Direction whenever I felt icky and uninspired.

But then, oh and what an ‘and then’! I got a call from Hilton about a job opening and saying I should apply. That got me so happy not even the guy’s stupid shit at work could bring me down. And wouldn’t you know it? I wrote like two pages that day. Might not sound like a lot, but it was two pages of good stuff, a plot was generated, and a semi-twist was formed in my mind as I stared at the computer screen at work trying to ‘focus’ on CQVRS. So yeah, I was feeling good. And when I felt good, I wrote.

And then it hit me, every time I was inspired I was feeling good or hyper, even if it was a sad part in my story, the excitement of near completion and the four cups of coffee kept me through.

So what? Might seem like a simple revelation at first, and it does seem rather obvious when you say it, but to feel it is another story entirely. My point is, if you are stuck, you can change it. It’s not a divine gift, it’s a gift from your own emotions. So if you wish you could write but feel like you can’t, just remember, you CAN. Have some chocolate, enjoy some honey…try to get happy (um, legal things people!) and then you will get inspired.

It’s not what we see or do that inspires us, it’s how we feel.

Happy writing, World,


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