Editor Headache!

Okay so some very exciting stuff going on. Been communicating with about four or five potential editors for my story.

They all are interested in it, but I think it’s probably because of how long it is, 148,148 words because it’s going to be pretty expensive with how long it is. One just said he’ll let me send a sample because he said it sounded like an interesting story. I hope he meant it but the salesman in me thinks it’s just a hook to get me to choose him. Blimey I didn’t think it would be this hard to choose an editor, and I didn’t expect to have so many choices!

There is two I love, one kinda interested in, and one I’m speaking with tomorrow.

I have no idea which direction to go with (haha, get it, Direction?), but I am most concerned with price. I will probably have to push back England to next September, but this is my story we’re talking about. But if I get new Job I won’t have to worry.

But I trying to focus on my Interview on Tuesday instead, so it’ll be a very interesting next couple of weeks.

One thing I do know for sure: change is good!

Thanks World,

❤ Ces

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