Stuck in Limbo


Hello World,

Basically, I’m going to be stuck in limbo the next few weeks, unfortunately. Lots of waiting.

Waiting to hear back from the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago to see if I got the part for the Administrative Assistant I auditioned for…I mean interviewed for (audition sounds so much more friendly, don’t you think?)

Waiting for my editor to begin around Oct. 24.

Waiting for the next episode of Castle, a show I recently discovered and became obsessed with. Love, love, love, love that show! Finally some great television! Also waiting for the new episode of these great shows:

-The Defenders (eh, it’s growing on me!)
-Color Splash Miami

And waiting for Halloween weekend when I move back to the rents.

So yup, lots of waiting. I plan to in between all this waiting to work on new story that’s slowly getting out of it’s block, packing, continuing to apply for other jobs, and touching up a bit on In Need of Direction before I send it off.

So yeah, got a lot on my plate. But hey, I’m from Chicago, we like a good challenge and always step up to the plate 🙂 Good God I’ve been working with all men for too long if I’m making baseball analogies…I don’t even like the sport! Just the Cubs, White Sox fans can shut the front door 🙂 Nah, just kidding, as long as Chicago wins I don’t really care.

Hmm, I hope I get the job, it’d be fun working downtown.

Anyway, World, I’ll keep you in the loop!

Happy Limbo,

❤ Ces

P.s. Enjoy a picture of Pip, it looks like she took over my netbook 🙂

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