Stress Equals Motivation

Hello World,

So I discovered that stress for me is an excellent motivator for writing. I wrote non-stop from 2:00 am Saturday to about 3:00 p.m. Sunday minus 5 hours of sleep and wrote like 7 pages.

My life is really out of my control until about next week when my rent check will be cleared and will find out about Hilton, so until then I’m feeling very out of control and not sure where to go. I was surprised when I wrote so much, it wasn’t so much that I was inspired, but rather, motivated.

Inspiration and Motivation I feel are two very different things. Inspiration is more that happy feeling that sort of tells you what to write, and motivation is how lazy or not lazy you feel to write. For instance, I usually feel super inspired for ideas of what to write, but too freakin’ lazy to do the actual writing. Especially when I was roleplaying, which I don’t really do anymore.

So yeah, now I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow and just want to write. Tomorrow is not going to be fun, World, in fact…this whole week will not be fun.

But one thing I have to remind myself is: it will be okay, it always works out in the end. For better or for worse, it works.

Hopefully I have good news to report soon! But in this economy with everyone looking for a job, I’m not holding my breath…


❤ Ces

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