In Need of Balance

Hello, World,

I know it’s been a bit since I posted, but it’s been a crazy week! Still no word on Palmer Houe Hilton job, I am starting to give up. I have called them like four times and still no word, I leave a voicemail each time but no one’s called back and it’d have been two weeks today! Oh well, at least I have a job now.

But in the mean time some good news, I have two interviews at Best Buy and Buckle Jeans and that will make the editing easier as I will have enough monies to start the 2nd stage sooner, probably end of Feb or March in 2011, but line editing for a book my size is very ezpensive…like $4000 x.x But Charlie Vail I very worth it and if it gets published, maybe then Charlie can forgive me.

However, regarding the point of this post, I decided I need a balnce in life. If there’s such a thing, I feel like I’ve been writing too much. I mean I’ve written 90 pages in a month and two weeks…that’s kinda insane!

And today, World, I’ve discovered Kindle for Android, I think it’s a pretty new app but it is totally awesome! Anyone with an Android phone needs to get it. Like now! I brought a guide book to writing Young Adult novels and a free edition of the classic Alice in Wonderland, cuz I always wanted to read the book but never got around to it.

So I decided I’ll do at least one hour a day reading and one hour a day researching and or plotting and two hours a day writing.

That sounds like a good balance, what do you think, World?


❤ Ces

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