Under Pressure…

I hope the title of this post got the Queen song stuck in your head to, because it’s a damn good one!

Anyway, sorry for lack of update. Been extordinary busy:

-Moved back with parents
-Finished second novel, first book of new series
-Started to research for new book, about pirates yarr!
-Started and scrapped a NANO project

So yeah, no time to blog.

But the pressure thing is that this morning my mom said she wanted to invest in my writing! That meant a lot to me because I wasn’t sure how they felt about my writing. I felt like they didn’t support it. But now I know they do and it feels great to know they okay with it.

But, it adds the pressure of needing to get published. And I’m so worried about In Need of Direction. I know it’s a great story, but I don’t know if it’s a good /book/. I just am worried about the writing part of it. It was my first book and I wasn’t that good yet…I don’t know, it’s also hard picturing people reading it. Maybe I’m just scared, but I think my Young Adult book is much better written and more interesting story and tempted to edit/publish that first.

But I so owe Charlie…

Ug, I don’t know what to do @.@

I just want it to work out.

But I know, I know, faith and trust and all that…it’s just very real and very scary and happening so fast.

That’s the thing about reality though, you gotta cling on to the fast-spinning world or inertia will throw you off…

Hope you guys are not as stressed!!

And almost Thanksgiving, huzzah!
Gobble, gobble 🙂


❤ Ces

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