The Journey Continues

Well @TweettheBook said it best about authors trying to publish live in Crazyville, I feel like I just moved in! But it’s still exciting, and I think it’ll still be worth it!

Here’s some updates:

1. Revising the beginning of my book to avoid “info dump” as recommended by one of my editors Victory recommended by @AuthorRussel
2. Waiting to hear back from my editor in New York that I sent my manuscript and a whooping $500.00 for first stage. Hope he gets back to me either this week or next week, but I gave him until the end of the month since it’s the holidays. Aren’t I nice?
3. Still debating if I want to start with an editor for line-editing or pass Go and collect $200.00 by going to an Agent who will pay for an editor. I’m worried that with me and grammar not getting along too well, an editor first might be a good idea so it’ll be more marketable for an Agent, but I don’t really know.
4. Still torn between self-publishing and not. I’m worried I won’t make as much money self-publishing, don’t care that it’s more work…I’m used to working hard. I just want to make sure it’ll be worth it.
5. Need to save, save, save! Either route I go to, it’ll cost some $$$.

Updates on Real Life:
1. Still trying to get a job in downtown Chicago so I can commute via train. Got another lead for Hilton!
2. My Grandmother passed away last Monday, very sad day for the Smith family. Rest in Peace Gran! But, it’s really okay, because I know she’s happy.
3. Got way behind at work. Need to force myself to care so I can get caught up and organized so not to get fired!
4. Sadly, that’s it…plus the craziness above.

Well that’s it for now. I’m super tired so going to bed. Hope you guys have a FANTASTIC week. And to all my Tweeties out there, thank you sooooo so so so so much for following me and being awesome! You guys are my motivation through the day and keep me smiling 🙂 I’ll have a proper post dedicated to Twitter, maybe on Friday for a proper #FF!

And I’m going to start posting more about coffee, I been owing a how-to on a proper French Press coffee for a while now! I haven’t forgotten!!! And @shotofcoffee has a great coffee blog for those who love coffee as much as we do. Be sure to follow him!

All right all, that’s it for now.

G’night, be good and spread some love and joy! 🙂

Claire E. Smith

(See! I’m giving my blog a face-lift hehe)

3 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

    • Bwahaha, as you should!!! ❤ I loved that article in your blog!

      And thanks, I found a nice little shack on the side of the street, only $100/mo for rent, woop, bargin! Oohhh I better learn to cross my eyes then hehehe.

      ❤ ❤ ❤


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