Happy Holidays, Sweet Beginings, and 90’s music VS. 00’s – battle it out!

So I clicked on New Post and not exactly sure what to say, but I feel like I need to spice up this blog, so look at me go, I’m doing it! Sorry…Invader Zim reference, I’ll never really grow up 🙂

Okay, so there’s the obvious…the Holidays. I’m actually pretty excited for it. Got some really radical gifts for people this year as I actually have money!! Yay! Not sure what I’m going to do for my friends yet but I might just buy them more drinks at our party, can’t go wrong with drinking – right? Not that I get drunk really, I’m such a light weight it only takes a little bit! Embarrassing! But still fun.

The gifts:

Here’s what I got my brother, because I’ve never splurged on him before:

http://bit.ly/gi4IPZ Here’s the satchel I got for him from Macy’s. He’s a student teacher now so I thought it could be like a Professor Indiana Jones look since that movie’s his favorite, but it’s also something he can use when he graduates and travels as a carry on, and he LOVES messenger bags so it’s perfect!

http://amzn.to/dRbcna My mom is getting my dad a Kindle so I’m getting a case. It has a built-in-light…oooo…..

And for my mom, getting her a well deserved message – yay! If any woman deserves it, it’s her. She wakes up at 4, starts work at 5 and doesn’t sign off until 7pm. It’s crazy. For a company she’s not the most fond of either. But she does it for us 🙂 Parents are crazy that way. Hmm, maybe I’m crazy enough to become a parent. But first I need a hubby and a boyfriend, know where I can find one of those? Western Suburbs of Chicago seem to be fresh out!

Anywho, sorry for a totally pointless post. I just felt like a bad owner leaving a puppy in the cold…so I’m going to write. Not about Time Traveling Diaries, but a new series or at least a new book I thought of a bit ago at my Gran’s funeral, but today the plot just hit me like a ton of bricks, and honestly, this is the part of writing I love most, the beginning. I’ll take a leap off Steven Moffat and leave you all in cruel suspense by posting about the Beginning tomorrow night! Mwahahaha -cough- mwahaha!

In the mean time, please continue to spread love and joy in the Twitterverse! You guys are so awesome, I love you so much :3

Now if you don’t mind, my Pandora is playing ‘Scar Tissue’ but the Red Hot Chili Peppers and thus I must mentally rock and write – woo! Nothing can quite compare to the 90’s music, aye? Discuss below! 90’s vs. the 00’s!! DO IT!

❤ :3 ❤ :3 ❤

Claire E. Smith

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