Holiday Writing Prompt:

Does the holiday stress have your muse run down and Scroodged out? I know it has for me! Between job-hunting, agent and entertainment lawyer shopping, and holiday gift-giving…. I haven’t felt much like wrting.

So, to get you lot in the writers spirit, post in the comments this prompt:

How does your main character spend their holidays?

Would your character rather give then receive, or take as much as he or she can? Do they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Quanza? Or do they celebrate not celebrating anything at all? Maybe they throw punch at the singing carolers who are distracting them from their mission. Or maybe they vollunteer their time to the homeless shelter on Christmas day.

However they celebrate, or don’t celebrate, write a page long prompt on the comments. First explain who your charrie is and what their current story is about, then let the fun begin and pretend it’s the holidays for them too! Unfortunately I don’t have any cool prizes, but you will get a special mention on Twitter for your awesomness for posting! And even better, it just might inspire you 🙂

I will post one for Bas on my lunch break, and please excuse any typos and errors, this was txted on my phone, I will edit at home 🙂

Cheers you guys and Happy Holidays! Stay safe, be merry 🙂

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