Writing Wednesday Discussion: Supporting Characters

To help spark the muse, I decided to host a discusion about writing every Wednesday to honor #WW!

The first topic is about supporting characters.

1. Do you use them?
2. If so, how many, if not why not?
3. How do you know when to bring in help for your main charrie? Or would your main charrie rather work alone?
4. What defines a supporting character? Is a side-kick a main charrie or supporting character?
5. Do you make outlines for supporting characters too? Or just brush over them?
6. Anything else you’d like to add about supporting characters?

Feel free to discuss one or more or even all th questions raised! I’d love to hear your thoughts on supporting characters.

Tommorrow I will discuss what I think about these questions.

Happy Writing, World!

❤ Claire

Share your awesome thoughts!

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