Merry Christmas my Followers! :)

Dear Followers:

So I don’t leave anyone out, I’m wishing this for all my wonderful followers: thank you so much and Merry Christmas. Weather you celebrate the holiday for religious reasons or for the presents, either way I hope you have a great Christmas weekend.

You guys give me a gift every day with your encouraging words and supportive Tweets. This year has been very hard for me and each of you have taken me out of a dark place and into the light.

Life is 70% attitude and 30% action, so thank you for helping me change my attitude into a positive one.

Twitter has made me a better person and a better writer, and no gift from Santa could ever replace that 🙂

Thanks for being so amazing everyone, from my Chicago friends, to my coffee buddies to my fellow authors I wish you the best of luck in 2011.

With humble love,


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