#WW: Prompt Two

Hope the title got the classic ‘Song 2’ by Blur stuck in your head like it did me! But it’s that time of week again, when writers try to get over the week’s hump. So to help, I decided every week to have a writing  exercise you can complete if you feel so inclined. The prize you ask? Conquering writers block…what can be a better gift than that?

So here we go, the second writer’s prompt from @SmithEClaire:

Social Network your main characters:

Create a FaceBook and Twitter account for your characters!

Not the most orignal idea, know. @temperalme and @GPWriter are a character and an awesome writer who made a Twitter account respectfully.

But think about it, it is a good idea. Especially the Facebook.

Because when you sign up for FaceBook, they make you fill out a profile:

Favorite Movies
Favorite TV Shows
Favorite Quote

I’m sure I’m missing some status they ask for…but what a great way to build a character profile!

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I get stuck with especially minor characters. So if you get stuck during the character building process, make them a FaceBook and Twitter account! You might be surprise what you learn about them!

Because like I always say, us writers discover our worlds and characters, not control them. And social network is a great way to discover real, awesome people…so why not do the same thing for fictional people?

And since talking about writing helps inspire me more than anything else (and I hope I’m not alone) I have a discussion prompt to for both Twitter and in the comments below: how do you guys build characters? Do you ask them questions interview style, write down traits, make outlines for them or something else entirely? Or maybe you just wing it when you type? I wanna hear your opinions so get chatting 🙂

Love you guys so much, hope this helps!

❤ ❤ ❤


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