#WW: Prompt Three: What’s in Their Box?


This prompt is brought to you by Detective Tabatha Rolland…star of my current work in progress, The Bloody City.

Tabatha had just been reassigned departments and had to move everything out of her desk. This inspired me for a prompt for all of you to help get you into your characters.

Does your character work for a living? Do they have an office job? If so, imagine the following:

1. What would your character do if they got fired and/or relocated. Would they be happy about this?

2. If the aswer above was yes, how would they celbrate? If no, who whose shoulder would they cry on?

3. What kind of stuff would they have to pack from their desk? Would they need help carrying it or would it fit in a box?

Eaxample from my chapter…gasp, I’m sharing my writing! Shocker! (Please note, this was written on phone so exscuse the typos):

“THE OLD BOX IN TABATHA’S ARMS JINGLED AS PENS ROLLED AROUND ON THE BOTTOM, paperclips slid across with every step she took and coffee mugs clinked agaisnt their ceramic sides for her misjudged plcement when she was packing the junk out of her desk.

Granted, it wasn’t much.

A few photographs of her family and her dog Brent. She had stashs of single packs of coffee so she wouldn’t have to waste time measureing the grinds. And a couple of junior legal pads, pens, a digital Canon camera and a plaque she got when she was first appointed a detective.

Tabatha sighed as she stared at her small box. Did her life as a detective really fit in a box? When everything was spread out in her desk, it looked like a hell lot more junk. But seeing it shoved together in one box…she realized her life was even more simplier than it seemed.”

Hope this prompt gets you inspired!

The more you know about your character the stronger your story will be.

To help know about your character, look at your own life. What kind of stuff do you carry around in your purse, bag, or breifcase? What about your desk? Or your locker? Or your room?

Now imagine those places for your character’s stuff.

As always, happy writing Tweethearts! I’m here for you guys if you ever need to chat about writing.

@SmithEClaire is here to help!

And, I promise to be a more active blogger. I gave it a face-lift last night, yay!

Feel free to submit prompt answers in comments below. Comments will be re-tweeted to help gain you followers too!

Comments = love!

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