#CelebritySaturday Interview with @peterwesleypt2 about #poetry

Please all help me welcome Peter Wesley!

Peter is a poet from Chicago and is known as @peterwesleypt2 on Twitter.

You all should follow him, he’s a lovely Tweetheart! He’s a dear friend and lovely poet and my first Celebrity on Celebrity Saturday!

Peter, thanks again for being here today! Here are the questions:

1. Would you please tell us a little about yourself? What would you like Twitter-verse to know about Peter Wesley?
entirely in language. Anyone who write realizes that spoken & written language are two different things. I don’t really go with the performance style of poetry in my writing, That’s a little hard to answer. I’m a 53 year year old heart disease survivor who enjoys reading & writing poetry. My writing has been off and on at best. Sometimes I have a flurry of creativity, sometimes not. Twitter has been a great help due to it being a thing existentaltho I enjoy the slams & attend whenever I can. Seldom read at them tho.

2. You write poetry correct? What is it about poetry that you gravitate towards? What are the challenges of poetry?
In poetry it limits the world you can create, but expands the world the reader can, or should visualize. That is it’s greatest power and greatest challenge. I have always gone for the larger statement in poetry, but have done poems in brief too. It really depends on the feeling I have for the subject.

3. Is there anything you hate about poetry?
The imited audience. This is why performance poetry, and social media like Twitter can be and are a boon to the art. They also, due to a lack of filtering, vis, a publication structure and establishment, be a bust as well. There are some people with limited talent who get the same airing as people with great talent. I, however, wuld rather have it that way. if I have to read 50 weak poems to see one strong one, that’s OK, the strong poet may not have gotten a hearing without an unfiltered media.

4. Whose you’re favorite poet from the past? Whose your favorite modern poet?
If I would have to go into 19th century American I would have to say Walt Whitman without question. Emily Dickenson too. Into more recent past William Carlos Williams, Allen Ginsberg and certainly the strongest voice of the American idiom in the second half of the 20th century would half to be an even split between Frank O’Hara & Charled Bukowski. O’Hara died at age forty, so his was a unfinished poetic legacy. Bukowski more than any American poet opened the art. As far as modern, even though she has drifted in and out of poetry for the past 30 years, I would say Tess Gallagher is the most powerful voice in poetry yoday. She writes little, but every word is a jem. There are some strong voices on the internet too. Jessica Kristie is one I think will inheirit the Dickenson/Gallagher mantle, but there are many others. The wonder of the net is that a voice can emerge anywhere.

5. How would you say poems differ from other story telling methods?
Again, it’s the mental picture the poem evokes in the reader. Fiction does it too, but there is less reader participation. It’s the difference between the old radio & television.

6.Do you write stories as well as poetry? If so what are you working on now?
No. I like narritive poetry. I’ve tried stories, although I have something in mind bsed on somethig that happened to me on the net. I might do it. We’ll see.

7. What is your daily writing goal? What is your weekly or monthly writing goal? Or do you just write as you feel?
I wish I were that disciplined. I like to write at least two hours a day, but sometimes it’s all night & sometimes not at all. It has to “be there” for me to write about it. I admire the more prolific writers. Maybe I’ll be that too someday.

8. For readers out there who would like to start poetry, what would your number one advice be for them?
Write. There is nothing more. Take your experience and put it to paper. The are many great books on reading, but you cannot write poetry unless you just do it.

9. How did you get started into poetry? What was the first poem you ever wrote?

Honestly I don’t remember. My first published poem was at age seventeen. It was called “Thursday” and it’s in my long out of print first collection “Boredom Over the Viaduct”. I got involved in poetry at the school magazine at Northeastern Illinois University when in college. But, once again, fits and starts.

10. What is your ultimate writing goal? What would you love to see happen? Publish? Fanclubs? What’s your dream 🙂

I have published two volumes. There is a rush there, but it’s short lived. Would like to refine my long poem and have that as my legacy.

11. & 12. Do you share your poems with others, do you have some just for you? Do you share your poems with others, do you have some just for you?

Most of what I write is for me. When I am happy with it, I share it. It doesn’t happen that often. I am in many ways my own worst critic. If there is anything I would advise a young writer it would be this: don’t be like that. Let your light shine. If people don’t like it, learn & move on. Fear is the killer of all great ideas.

13. & 14. What’s your current Work in Progress? You’re blog: http://peterwesleysblog.blogspot.com/ has something about Fear of Butterflies. Can you tell us what that is please?

“Fear of Butterflies” is a longpoem I published in a limited edition in 1997. I have a few offers to republish it, but I have decided to revise it. I feel the statement it makes needs to resaid stronger, so that is what is on the blog now. I’m putting it up as I revise it. I have ideas for other pieces too, but I’d rather just say that “Fear of Butterflies’ is my rework in progress.

15. Thank YOU. This is an honor for me. This can be a great, and I think it will be a great literary period.

Thank you Claire, I hope that helps.

Thank you thank you thank you!


Well that’s it for the first Celebrity Saturday, folks!

I hope Peter has inspired you to get a pen out and start composing masterful poetry!

Please check out Peter’s blog here: http://peterwesleysblog.blogspot.com/

And stay tuned for next week’s Celebrity Saturday where author of Graceful Blur, Footprints in the Butter and many other novels Ian Healy (http://www.ianthealy.com/blog/ ) will be our star next week.

As always, if you’d like to appear on Celebrity Saturday please tweet me @SmithEClaire! It’s going to be every week, and it doesn’t matter if you are published or working on being published or just write for fun, I want all writers, artists, publishers, editors, musicians…whomever! So don’t be shy, step on up and be a star!

Thanks again to Peter Wesley for the interview and thank YOU my beloved readers.

If you have a question for Peter, please post a comment below. And if you haven’t already, follow him on Twitter @peterwesleypt2! He’s a real Tweetheart!

Stay Shiny,


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