#SuddenlySunday: Let’s talk #Editing #amwriting #amediting

Right, so I “filmed” this Vlog last night, so here it is!

In this video:

-What my professional editor advised me on my story
-My progress of editing
-My editing and writing process
-Losing my mind with editing
-Listen to your heart and characters, don’t worry too much about what other people want in your story
-The Twitter Writer’s Network: http://twitterwriters.userboard.net/

And that’s it. So I hope you enjoy and let me know!

What is all of your editing process? Do you edit yourself or send it to someone else? Anyone else hate editing as much as I do? Post comments below!

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

3 thoughts on “#SuddenlySunday: Let’s talk #Editing #amwriting #amediting

  1. I think we all hate editing.It’s a hard chore.The worst part though is when your second guessing yourself wondering if you change this that and the other. Thanks for posting this Claire


    • You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed.

      lol chore…that’s a great way to describe it. Like I said in the video, it’s uber important but not as much fun as writing.

      Only thing I LOVE about editing is you feel really good about the improvements you make.

      Editing is kind of like working out in the gym. Sometimes you hate doing it but you always feel better afterwords 🙂

      Thanks for the comment Sheilagh! Are you editing now?


  2. I hate editing as much as you do! Lol, which is why it takes me like years to edit one novel. That and I get so many ideas that I stop editing all together and go write something new.

    But I think when you get stuck and drained when you’re editing, you just have to take a break for a day or so and work on something else (hint hint detective story….lol). Or like set really easy goals for yourself with a reward that you love…like me and office supplies every 5/7/10 chapters I write I get new office supplies or I go out and buy a few more books.


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