#tastyntrendingtuesday : #keruig review and #Plume For #Android

Right folks! It’s the launch of #tastyntrendingtuesday! First half will be about food, the Tasty, the second half would be about Trending.

Trending can be anything from fashion to apps to technology to cool places to hang out. I’m pretty random person so it can be about anything! That’s what makes it fun, no? So without further ado…I give you…Tasty n’ Trending Tuesday!

The Tasty:


In this video:

-Breville review
-My favorite k-cups
-Brewing tips
-My K-cup tips
-Starbucks Via review
-Special Guest Appearance by Pip the cat for added adorableness

Check it out if you love coffee 🙂

The Breville Review:

Check it out on Keurig’s website: http://www.keurig.com/accessories/my-k-cup

The My K-Cup: http://www.keurig.com/brewers/breville-brewing-system

The Tower: http://www.keurig.com/accessories/k-cup-carousel-tower

Select your favorite K-Cup here: http://www.keurig.com/shop/k-cups/all-k-cups

[please note, I am not endorsed by Keurig…but I should be!!]

So how do you guys do coffee? Drip? French Press? Single-serve coffee? Via? Talk Coffee in the comments below and brew up some fun!

The Trending:

If you have an Android powered phone, do yourself a favor and check out Plume. Plume is a wonderful Twitter app, and I’m only going to talk briefly about why I love it:

-Longer Tweets viewable by everyone, unlike Tweet Deck
-When you type in the @ or the # it gives you suggestions so you can look like you have an impressive memory to your friends
-It has a “Report for Spam” option for each Tweet…zap spammers fast!
-Easy access to View Your Profile for vanity check and also settings to customize the app to your desire
-Upload pictures from cell phones easily to change profile pic
-Notify you that you have Tweets with a cute bird chirping

And there’s probably more but those are the best features.

So if you’re a Twitter-holic like me…then check out Plume! Weird name, great app!

Thanks so much for checking out #TastynTrendingTuesday…now what are you doing still here? GET WRITING! 🙂 Or go make some coffee hehe.

Love you guys, as always:

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

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