#WW: Using message from songs in your story to connect with readers #amwriting

So today’s prompt is brought to you by a video I filmed last night. I apologize for the headphone hair 🙂

In this video:

Using your favorite music, songs and artist’s message to connect with readers and listeners. This isn’t to say use the EXACT message as your favorite artist, because plagiarism is not cool…but use a similar theme. This will help grab the audience and will hopefully help you sell as many books as the artist did song. Yeah, I know rockstars get more audiences than authors, but it doesn’t hurt to learn from our heroes right?

Do this exercise to learn more about your audience. When you can get in the head of your reader, you can write to their needs and wants. But don’t forget to keep it true to yourself too!

An alternative prompt I propose in this video is to think of what songs, artists and bands your characters would listen to if they live in this world and this time. What do your characters jam to?

The more you know about your characters, the stronger your book will be!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

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