#ThoughtfulThursday Break your Block #amwriting


Well….hmm, not much to say today so it will be a short post.

To make up for the shortness, I made you all a motivating motivational poster…it seemed appropriate 🙂

But yesterday I have been feeling mentally congested. I am participating in a Steampunk contest posted by @Airship_Embassy (Whom you should follow if you are not already!) And am world-building.

All this week I’ve been unable to write, and it’s been very frustrating because I can usually write up a storm.

But yesterday at lunch, I wrote it out on pen-and-paper and it worked. I was able to dust off the plot-bunnies, give them a shine and watch them glow. Now I feel much more clear in the head and can most likely start writing again tomorrow.

So some tips to clean out writers-block:

1. First, stop thinking so much about it. If it’s a scene you’re stuck on, take a break and come back to it. Or sit in the passengers seat and let your characters drive the scene.

2. Try a different medium of writing. For instance, if you primary write on the computer, try writing on pen and paper. That’s what I did at lunch and it helped loads.

3. Draw. I am by no means an artist. My countries I drew look like peanut squares instead of pieces of land and my world was lopsided instead of oval. But the point is, drawing it…however craptastic it was, cleared my head. I was able to see it visually even if no one else could make sense of it. And now my brain feels uber lighter.

4. Take a break. But not too long. Maybe wait a day or two. Watch a clever movie, a funny TV show, or do anything that makes you smile (we’re talking legal stuff here people!)

5. Get some chocolate, coffee, snackage, whatever your vise is…indulge in yourself and your muse will thank you for it.

6. Talk. Talk about your book, talk about your genre, get together with friends. Stories are about people, and the people you love will inspire you. Don’t have anyone to talk to? I’m usually on Twitter if you need an ear. But trust me, talking about writing 90% of the time gets me inspired and motivated.

So that’s it. Hope it helped. I wish I had more to say, but alas.

Do you guys have any tricks for Writers-block? Share them below in the comments!

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

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