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Thanks so much for being here George on Celebrity Saturday! It’s great to have you on Life, Muse and Coffee!

If you’d like to learn more about George Pappas, you can find more about his novel, Monogamy Sucks here: http://monogamysucks.wordpress.com or on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Monogamy-Sucks-ebook/dp/B004E113X4 If you aren’t already, please follow him on Twitter @GPWriter! Even if you’re not into erotica, he’s a great friend to have! ❤

Question 1: How did you get into writing? What first inspired you?

I’ve was inspired by stories and books from an early age. I wrote Science Fiction stories throughout my teen years and my first novel called Jake’s War when I was 15. I always knew I would be a writer in some capacity. I loved to tell stories.

Question 2: Why did you choose erotica? Or did it choose you?

Actually, I didn’t choose erotica. You could say it chose me. These are the stories I needed to tell right now. Not sure exactly why. I had never written a word of erotica before my first self-published novel Letters From Cyberspace, which I brought out in 2001. I curiously felt compelled to write something honest and raw about sex, relationships and monogamy that I was experiencing and that wasn’t being addressed in a lot fiction I was reading.

Question 3: Would you say erotica is a popular genre? Do you think it’s more popular on E-books than in the bookstore?

Erotica is a genre that is growing in popularity all the time and our society become more tolerant of sexually explicit content. I believe erotica will become more popular in the e-book market rather in bookstores because people like being able to discreetly buy and read it.

Question 4: Why did you decide to self-publish?

I didn’t self-publish. I put out my first six chapters of my novel Monogamy Sucks on my blog last May and a couple months later I was contacted by Lazy Day Publishing and was offered a book contract. Lazy Day Publishing my novel as an e-book in December 2010.


Question 5: What is Lazy Day Publishing? Are they really Lazy? 😉

Lazy Day Publishing is a new digital publisher that launched in December 2010. They are hardly lazy. Lazy Day Publishing has put out 22 books in a range of genres in a short time and has a lot more new authors and novels to come this year.

Question 6: Let’s say one of my reader’s would love to publish their work with Lazy Day Pub…how do they do that?

They just need to go to the Lazy Day Publishing Web site — http://www.lazydaypub.comfor the submission guidelines and submit their work. Lazy Day Publishing has been great to work with and very supportive. You can also find them at Twitter @lazydaypub.

Question 7: Let’s say one of my reader’s wants to self-publish, what’s the number one thing to be a successful self-publisher in your opinion? Do you need an agent to self-publish? An editor? A million dollars?

Actually you need persistence and a thick skin to be successful as a self-published author. However, this is a great time to be a self-published author because of the rise of blogs and the Internet. My advice for writers is to get their work out there on your own blog, other’s blogs to build up your audience and draw attention to your work.

Question 8: Do you have any other Works in Progress? Monogamy Sucks 2 perhaps?

I am finishing up editing my next novel about a twenty something man’s Internet dating and sex adventures. It has an interesting celebrity angle I am not ready to reveal. I am also working on a sequel to Monogamy Sucks, and I have completed about 10 chapters so far with another 15 or so chapters still to be written. I am hoping to turn my character Jake Dalmas’ adventures into a trilogy with each book exploring another sacred cow of our romantic lives.

Question 9: How has Twitter helped you with self-publishing? Would you be able to self-publish without Twitter? What about Facebook?

Twitter has been a godsend. Twitter has helped me land a book deal and I have found most of my blog interview opportunities with Twitter contacts and friends. Facebook has proved much less helpful with book promotion I must admit. But recently I joined a fellow writer’s group on Facebook that seems promising in spreading the word about our writing projects.

Question 10: What do you love most about writing?

Those transcendent moments of inspiration when everything falls into place and your see your creative vision realized. Those wonderful bursts of creativity and inspiration are priceless and worth all those times when the words aren’t flowing.

Question 11: What do you hate the most about writing?

Those fallow periods when the words won’t come or when what you produce seems flat and uninspired.

Question 12: What books are you currently reading now? Whose you’re favorite classical author? Whose your favorite modern author?

I just finished Lazy Day Publishing author Alta Hensley’s novel Traditional Love, a wonderfully sexy book I recommend reading. I am currently reading another Lazy Day Publishing author’s novel By Sunset by Ty Langston and I am looking to reading more novels by Twitter friends author Eden Baylee and others.

My favorite classic author would have to be either Mark Twain or Edgar Allen Poe. My favorite modern authors are Henry Miller, Anais Nin or Charles Bukowski.

Question 13: Do you ever get writer’s block? What activities inspire you for writing?

I don’t get writer’s block often. When I do, I take a walk at the ocean to clear my head and focus on other things and it seems to work. I also have another technique where I give myself a modest writing goal such as finishing a line or paragraph and it seems to trick my mind into writing a lot more than I intended.

Question 14: What is your favorite kind of coffee? Does coffee help you write?

Actually, any coffee will do although I do prefer Starbuck’s coffee or coffee I buy from Trader Joe’s market. Coffee is my drug of choice. It does help with my writing or at least gets me wired in preparation to write. I don’t drink as much as I did when I was a reporter, when I drank 10-15 cups a day, but it remains a necessary part of my writing ritual.

Question 15: Anything else you’d like to add?

I hope you’re readers will take a chance and read my provocative novel Monogamy Sucks, and won’t be put off by the controversial content. It really is like no other novel they have read. It is quite a wild ride. However, my book has some relevant and interesting things to say about sex, relationships and monogamy, and is an intriguing exploration of the male sexual mind. I think my novel appeals to both sexes, but it really seems to have struck a chord among women, which was unexpected. Yes, my book is explicit, but I believe its themes are more universal than one might think.

I also hope writers reading this interview will learn from my experience and not wait 12 years to expose their work on the Internet. My book would still be sitting in my computer if I hadn’t overcome my fear of rejection and featured my work on a blog last year.


Thanks again George for being here for Celebrity Saturday! I brought a copy of Monogamy Sucks back in December, and it’s next on my Kindle list!

Monogamy Sucks is available on Kindle, get your copy for Kindle and Kindle for Android here:

To find out more about Lazy Day Pub check this out: http://www.amazon.com/Monogamy-Sucks-ebook/dp/B004E113X4″>http://www.lazydaypub.com/

Watch a book trailer for Monogamy Sucks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkZLdPRyQ3U… it’s sexy!
(sorry, wordpress is being stupid and not making clickable links)

Thanks again George! It was a pleasure to have you here today. I wish you, Monogamy Sucks and Lazy Day Publishing the best of luck for 2011!

Once again, please follow George @GPWriter – you won’t be disappointed!

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Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

4 thoughts on “#CelebritySaturday with George Pappas @GPWriter #amwriting

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  2. Great interview. Very upbeat & a whole lot of fun. I commend you both on all the great information for writers.
    So appropriate GP on Celebrity Saturday!

    Thanks for sharing your great interview!

    Sammy Sutton


  3. I’m a big fan of George and his book, and I love his response to what he loves about writing.

    I can’t wait to find out the ‘celebrity angle’ he has for his upcoming book. I’m sure living in L.A., he has rubbed shoulders with many celebs!

    Thx for the mention too, George, you’re a sweetie.



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