A special Celebrity Sunday to help #WithLoveProject to support Japan! #prayforJapan

Good afternoon folks!

This is a special Celebrity Sunday to help those in Japan, and I’m super honored to be a part of it to help promote #WithLoveProject! With me I have Catrina Taylor Rudd @theladywrites
to explain exactly what #WithLoveProject is all about!

Thanks so much again Catrina for being here on Life, Muse and Coffee! Today we are here to talk about #WithLoveProject:

1) What exactly is #WithLoveProject?

The WithLoveProject is the result of a small group of independent writers wanting to do something in light of the catastrophes in Japan. All of us struggled with our own lives and tried to reconcile what we wanted to do, which was help, with what we could do, which is write. From that the anthology was born. 17 writers volunteered short stories and myself and Sarah Bernard of Ethics Trading kept in contact with everyone and began promotion. Within two weeks the book was pulled together and published.

During that process we considered how much more this book could do with the funding going some where it could help globally and so we selected Doctors without Borders as the charity that would benefit. Every penny of With Love will go to their cause, helping people in disaster riddled areas around the world.


2) Are there going to be more books out there to help the relief of Japan?
We are discussing the production of at least two more books this year. The money of which will also benefit Doctors without Borders. We are in the planning stages and have not settled firmly on everything yet, but we’re discussing themes for both of the upcoming books. Most likely the themes will be Romance and Paranormal.

3) Does the funds of the book go to other Red Cross projects?

The money will go to the areas of the world that are most needed within the organization. It helps to care for the people who need it most in areas where medical attention is not always readily available.

4) How many writers participated in #WithLoveProject?
We had 17 authors, a cover artist, two coordinators/editors and a photographer involved in the process. Each one donating time, resources and creativity.

5) If one of my readers also write, can they participate in the #WithLoveProject?
Absolutely. Once we have settled on the specifics for the next anthology, we will be announcing it for others to participate.

6) Are there going to be more books released for the #WithLoveProject?
As I mentioned before, we are expecting at least two more this year. For many of us, it is our goal to make this an on going opportunity to expand our reach and help others.

7) Who started the #WithLoveProject?
I was the first one to speak up about it to a small group that I talk to often on Facebook. It really is a miracle of teamwork, kind hearts and desire to help that made this book come together.

8 ) What if one of my readers brought the book and want to help out even more, how do you recommend they can show their support for Japan?

I would suggest they contact their local International Red Cross agency and see if there are item that are needed for donation. Stay informed and spread information they learn about the disaster. Pass on information about the charity books, donations and support organizations to everyone they can.

9) Can you tell me more about yourself? What kind of writing have you done?

I’m a freelance writer by trade. I provide web content for many websites, as well as press releases, marketing packages, blog posts, ads and the like. By current production, I’m a science fiction novelist. I’m working in my universe and have been developing it for years. The first two books should be released this year.

10) What are your favorite books to read?
I love every kind of book I can get my hands on. I have a voracious appetite for reading and don’t limit myself to any specific form.

11) Are you working on a project now that is going to come out soon?
Yes. Xarrok: The Great Wars – Birth of an Empire is the first book slated for release later this spring. You can find out more about it and the other 6 books evolving in this universe at

12) What’s you’re favorite kind of coffee or tea? Does it help you write if you write?
Coffee! It is a crucial part of my day. Keeps me sane, and relaxed.

13) I think that’s it! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I really want to thank you for your interest in the #WithLoveProject and thank you for helping us help others.

That’s it folks! Exciting helping others isn’t it? To learn more check out the Red Cross here:

Promote the #WithLoveProject by Tweeting it on Twitter! Post it on your Facebook! Slap this URL on your blog or Webbie! Get involved! One person CAN change the world, all it takes is to get involved!

To find out more about Catrina check out her Twitter @theladywrites!

This was a special Celebrity Sunday to be sure! If YOU’d like to be on Celebrity Saturday, don’t be afraid to tweet @SmithEClaire! It’s every week and even if you’re not published I still want to hear from you! Free digital coffee and a chance to promote your work or work in progress – what can be better than that?

Have a great Sunday Night folks, and stay tuned tomorrow because I’ve got a Motivational Monday that’ll Dazzle you!

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

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