Tasty n treding tuesday: villians and k-cups! #amwriting #thegreatwritingwarof2011 #vlog

So because of my baddie in my story, I’ve been thinking a lot about villains and the types of villains out there. I created some interest the other night when I made a Twitter poll asking which types of villains you guys preferred: like-able or hate-able?

Diane has a very interesting blog post regarding that tweet and you should definitely read that post over here:

So that’s what this vlog is about. Villains.

Also in this video: a better explanation of the great writing war of 2011, discussion about villains, k-cup reviews for the tasty in tasty n’ trending Tuesday and final closing thoughts. Also a question regarding hosting your own email domain.

Hope you guys enjoy!

So that’s it! Please post thoughts, reviews and answers down below. Also post if you’re interested in fighting the writing war! Cuz remember: words win wars!

Dina’s fascinating post: Follow Dina on Twitter: @DinaSantorelli, she’s a real Tweetheart! 🙂

Thanks again guys.

Stay shiny,

❤ Claire

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