Writer Wednesday: lets chat about your #platform! #amwriting #ww


What’s the one advice that I have received from agents, editors is to build your platform!

What’s a platform? Well to my understanding (feel free to correct me if I miss anything or incorrect) a platform includes:

1. High activity in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Myspace etc.

2. A blog that is updated regularly

3. A personal website is helpful too

4. What else am I missing? What do you guys reccomend? Please share your thoughts!

5. Got a website? Please share it with us! I wanna link your site to my new website 🙂

Now here’s a breif vlog I did at work as no one was there and finished my assignments about platforms for writers and why the matter:

Thanks again guys and happy writing!

❤ Claire

2 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: lets chat about your #platform! #amwriting #ww

  1. I think you’ve got it spot on. With social media you should definitely be interacting with potential readers, other writers, publishers etc.

    Also commenting on the blogs of other writers. Could be useful for potential blog tours in the future.

    Blogs and websites can often be combined too (unless you are me and have one of each for every aspect of your personality…)


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