#Thoughtfulthursday Keeping Focus While Writing? #amwriting #vlog

Hey all, today’s vlog is an unfocused vlog about focusing while writing.

Do you stay with one story at a time?

Do you skip scenes?

Do you jump around?

How do you keep focus?

@CarrieEckles was who described it as a “dry spell” …. follow her! šŸ™‚

All feedback would be lovely about your writing process.

Thanks again all, sorry again about my sicky voice hehe.

Stay Shiny,

ā¤ Claire

2 thoughts on “#Thoughtfulthursday Keeping Focus While Writing? #amwriting #vlog

  1. I used to write in order I really did! It just depends on what I’m writing and the pace of the story and my ideas how I write it. Like this one lol that ending demanded to be written! It demanded it!

    But yes, lots of skipping around in this story, I’m connecting two scenes right now.

    Also Kudos for doing a vlog when you’re sick! I wasn’t able to do it when I was sick.

    And yup we talk a lot šŸ™‚ But its a good thing šŸ˜€


  2. I tend to try and write in order until I get really stuck. Then I’ll skip around and maybe work on something else. Generally I’m only writing one novel at a time, otherwise I’d never get anything finished but I am editing other stories.

    I think if you try and force the writing or are bored with it then it comes through and a reader would be able to tell.


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