#thegreatwritingwarofspring2011 is over! Winner: @awriter12

Hey all!

Exciting news! @awriter12 finished her first draft…so that means she’s the winner! Because I haven’t heard from anyone else for a while.

So here’s a congrats vlog! It’s silly and please excuse the ‘writers hair’, I just came home from work so yeah. And had to throw out a dead mouse Pip caught…still traumatized x.x

In this video:

Ashley the winner!

Keep writing! Just because the war is over, don’t give up!

Don’t let life get in the way of writing…don’t let writing get in the way of life!

When you finish your first draft, let me know and you’ll get a digital plaque too! But you have to Tweet word counts once a week to get it. More details in Video.

Keep writing or I’ll be sad!

Now here’s the madness:

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