#thoughtfulthursday: A trick for writing when your stuck #amwriting

Hi all!

I took a “break” during my writer-thon and posted this video when I re-discovered a trick I sometimes use to write when I’m stuck.

In this video:

How to help you get unstuck
My writer-thon goals
Snow in april? Boo
Cats are better than dogs – sorry it’s true
Pip says hello
Proud of my Steampunk story / how I thought of the story
Getting along with your MC
When writing, put yourself in a metaphorical box and become your characters

Enjoy it all here:
(Sorry, towards the end I turned my phone upside down lol)

Feel free to comment. I’d especially appreciate it if you can say what you’re writing about! I’m very curious to see what the am writing hashtag writes about! 🙂

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

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