Impossible = I’m Possible — new goals, crazy? #amwriting

So today I booked a flight to visit one of my favorite aunt’s in L.A. for the long weekend of 4th of July. I had a canceled ticket that I needed to use up from a cousin’s wedding I opted out of … and had to choose any place in the country. I chose Hollywood.

Now, I love my aunt truly and dearly and visiting family was indeed top of the list of priories. But come on…Hollywood!

My very first completed novel takes place in Hollywood, and so for Charlie’s sake I had to go. Happy I’m going before I’m publishing it, can change it up and tweak it to make it feel even more real.

But, here’s the impossible part of this post: I have a new deadline.

I feel like Mr. Bruckheimer would really like my Steampunk story…mostly for all the explosions in it. Kinda wrote it for his style. Now I know I’m aiming high, I know I’m probably taking the express elevator straight to Disappointment Land…I’m prepared to fail.

But on the 1 in 100 million trillion chances in a life time I succeed…I decided, why not?

So here’s the new writing goals:

Finish first draft of Zeppelin by mid-may
Send draft of TTDSB late May to editor
Miraculously complete a screenplay of Zeppelin story by July


But who knows, maybe I can do it. Even if Bruckheimer rejects me, which he prob will since I’m unknown and all that, at least I have a script I can start scouting. And I know, I’m probably doing this completely backwards…but with how backwards Hollywood is – one shot of madness might not be so wrong.

“Oh they might pretend to worry, might pretend to care about you. But L.A. is a town that’s built on pretending, on acting, and on make believe. In this city, it’s easy to forget what is real and what fantasy is. It’s easy to escape this world either in a movie, a drug, or a few drinks. Most people are either too self-centered or too much in a hurry to care about your petty problems. But despite how flawed this city is, it’s still my favorite city in the country.”
-Charlie Vail, In Need of Direction (pre-published)

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me. I’ll probably not be on Twitter as much because frankly I haven’t been this driven since high school. I kind of missed proper motivation 🙂

Hope you guys had a fantastic Easter. Hope you have enjoyed Doctor Who the Impossible Planet and if you haven’t seen it yet, Tweet me and I’ll hook you up.

Right then. Going to be a headache kind of week, but spirits still high.

What are YOUR goals? I want to hear them!

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

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