#progress report one: chapter nineteen #amwriting #steampunk

Above: Neil Nelson’s (Vote for Nelson!) spectacles, courtesy of: these guys.

For some reason, Chapter 19 really wore me out.

Maybe it’s because I wrote 4,928 words in two days plus working full time. Maybe it was because for those two days I had two Steampunk politicians arguing in my head and a drunk Prince. Maybe it’s because my story went far too Romeo and Juliet than I ever planned but love it too much to change. Maybe it’s because I’m worried about finishing it when there’s no end in sight…and that’s what makes it more fun.

I’m trying not too worry too much if it’s going to be too long or not. All I know is I love it. It’s going to get exciting again, politics were a fun vacation and a good lesson was molded in the chapter without being preachy. Took a cue from Disney Channel because even though those were some of my favorite show (still some are, cuz I refuse to grow up!) the life lessons were so pitifully obvious they make you want to gag. So I was very careful not to be preachy as I don’t want my story to be an allegory…although I can see how they can compare the Red Water to oil, hmm.

Anyway, some of you were asking how it was going…so that’s how it’s going :^)

Thanks for all your continued support! And of course, for getting me into Steampunk! I LOVE IT! ❤

So what are you guys working on? How’s your progress going? Let’s share! :^)

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

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