#WW writer’s prompt: shoes & coffee #amwriting


I’m still technically on hiatus but the truth is I missed you guys.

So today I tweeted that this WW was about shoes abd coffee, and that there was a story somewhere. @dae_dracos Tweeted:

@SmithEClaire it was an epic quest to find the perfect shoe, but she never noticed perfection was always with the cup of coffee in her hand.


So here’s my writing challenge for you:

Write a 200-500 word story about coffee and shoes and share it in the comments below!

That’s it! Hope it gets your muse charged up!

Stay shiny and happy writing,

❤ Claire

5 thoughts on “#WW writer’s prompt: shoes & coffee #amwriting

  1. Fabian slid into the armchair and kicked off his shoes. Almost 12 hours straight on his feet, he hurt. He sighed heavily and rolled his shoulders as he tried to work the tension from them. There was movement in the kitchen, what even was the time? Fabian had no idea and no energy to turn around and look at the clock. It was early morning; he knew that much, and it would be a waste of a day off if he were to go to bed straight.

    Soft, padding footsteps came as Rae emerged from the kitchen. He beamed at Fabian and moved to sit on the arm of the chair. In his hand he held the blackest, most wonderful-smelling coffee Fabian thought he’d ever seen. “Morning,” said the doctor with a wide grin.

    Fabian smiled, took the coffee and made some grunt of appreciation. Despite any late nights, growing workloads or lack of sleep Rae always managed to look awake, even when it was ridiculously early in the morning.

    “I thought you weren’t going to come home,” Rae said quietly.

    After a small sip of too-hot coffee Fabian looked up at his friend. The only thing that would suggest Rae did sleep and wasn’t an android was that his ginger waves seemed to stick out on one side. Fabian smiled. “I know. I should’ve stopped when my shift ended but there was a party going on in one of the upstairs rooms of the casino. I wanted the money and we were busy, so I stayed.”

    Fabian took a bigger gulp of his coffee; he could feel the heat down the back of his throat and in his chest. The bitter sweetness of the drink lingered on his tongue for a little while. Content with the situation, and not bothering with more words, Fabian sank down into the chair and half leaned against Rae.


    • So beautiful! Really well done love the ginger hair part hehe.

      Makes me want to know who they are and learn more about them…and makes me want to brew more coffee!

      Jet gets an A+ hehe ❤

      Hope it inspired ya 🙂 thanks for sharing!


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