Happy Mothers Day & Progress Report #amwriting

If there’s one thing I don’t think I ever could be in life, it’s be a mother.

Mostly because I couldn’t handle being pregnant. Call me selfish, but I couldn’t do 9 months without coffee. I know you can have it once in a while during pregnancy, but really, I’m doing the world a favor by not getting pregnant. Not to mention, I couldn’t afford it at this point in my life.

Maybe if I somehow become wealthy, meet a great guy and fall in this thing people call love…then maybe.

So I have a high respect for mothers and mother’s day.

It’s not just a Hallmark Card holiday, it’s showing your mom – weather still alive or not – that you love them.

So this mothers day, give your mom a card. Give her a hug. Give her a call if you don’t live with her.

And say thanks. Thanks for giving me the gift of life.

Weather the world says thanks in return…well, that’s up to you to make her gift great.

In other news, I completed Chapter 23 today and feeling pretty darn awesome about my Steampunk story. At 77, 853 words and still not at the end. Crazyness.

Hope you guys are writing this weekend, hope you get some family time.

What did you do for Mothers Day? Share below!

Stay Shiny and Happy Writing,

❤ Claire

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