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So it’s actually Thursday and I’m Blogging ahead. I’m at a scene of my story and there’s a town on fire. Went on YouTube to research and sadly didn’t see much except the California fires…which is no good because too depressing since it’s real life. It was frustrating for me that there wasn’t like a fantasy-style fire wave or something like that. In all the movies and video games in the world, it’s hard to imagine I couldn’t find anything on YouTube. If you guys have some research material to suggest, please hit me up.

So to build up the emotional fire and get you ready for another week of writing, working or whatever, here is some musical fire for your soul instead. May it burn your imagination and set ashes of words in it’s wake.

Edit: I’m happy to say the fire scene went very well. I’m two chapters past that now and closing in on the end. Just a few more scenes. I hope to finish by the end of this month, woop!

1. Kasabian – Fire

If you’re not familiar with the band, get yourself familiar. They’re friggin’ awesome!

2. The Prodigy – Firestarter

A classic techno song if I ever heard of one! I love most songs by the Prodigy but I was less impressed with their last CD. Their Fat of the Land CD is one of my ultimate favorite ‘records’ of all times.

3. Elvis – Burning Love

Come on, King of Rock n’ Roll! Not to mention he’s BFF’s with Sebastian Barkley. True story. So make yourself a bacon sandwich or veggie bacon sandwich and enjoy this classic!

And for added cuteness, Lilo and Stitch style! Cuz Ohana Means Family….

Inspiring Soundtracks to Write to:

1. Fire and Regeneration -Wendy and Lisa

If this doesn’t get you inspired, nothing will. I used to love Heroes but then after they got rid of Adam I stopped caring about it lol. The first three seasons were epic though.

Prepare to let your muse evolve:

2. Patrick Doyle – The Goblet of Fire

From HP 4 movie, this piece is dark and mysterious and hopefully inspirational.

3. Volcano Soundtrack

For Johnny Lee Pwns fans everywhere…rejoice!

Motivating Quotes:

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire.”

Fred Shero

“Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself”

Mark Twain

“There may be a great fire in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke.”

Vincent van Gogh

So that’s it for this week kids. I’m still on hiatus for the interviews, but decided to blog my progress and writing journey still. Interviews will continue in June! So consider this the Spring Break of Life Muse Coffee.

What are your writing challenges you’re working on? Having trouble visualize or getting stuck on the details? Got a tricky chapter or are your characters ignoring you?

Pull up a mug of coffee and let’s chat about our WIP in the comments below! Here to listen, here to help.

Hope you guys stay shiny and your words catch on fire as you type lightning speed this week to further your story.

❤ Claire

5 thoughts on “#motivatoinalmonday Keep up the Fire #amwriting

  1. I haven’t really plotted much of this story so I’m struggling a bit with where to go next. The characters are carrying the story well, for now, but there’s always the worry that they’ll get away from me a bit and we’ll then all be stuck.

    At least there isn’t reams and reams of medical/science stuff in this book. Sanctuary needed some very, very indepth research.


    • @ Vanessa: Thanks so much!!! I enjoyed those music choices too. The first one especially has helped me write this weekend. And thanks! Felt great to get some more writing in! How about you, what is your WIP?

      @Jet: Oh I know what you mean. Although I never mind that when they take control. I just roll with it. Sometimes though you do feel a bit lost with them in the drivers seat.


    • Thanks so much Sari! ❤

      It felt so good to get it on paper. I'd been thinking about it for a few weeks so it definitely made my head lighter lol.

      Oooh that is a great suggestion! I will keep it in mind 🙂 Love Robin Hood MIT!


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