Juggling Author #amwriting TWO stories :)

Going to do the insane thing and juggle two stories plus a new job. Got this idea just now as I was getting frustrated with my Steampunk story. My new book is called The Story:

The Story

Nicholas Parks thought his roommate Andrew Verlote was just another aspiring author with big dreams of making it to number one on the New York Times bestseller list. But when his roommate’s story starts to come to life, Nicholas knows they are in trouble. He has no idea how right he is, as the story has plans of its own. In order to come to life, it has to destroy all fiction everywhere to become reality. To save the world from becoming story-less, Nicholas has to get the help of Andrew’s girlfriend Dawn Hex to convince Andrew to give up his lifelong dream of becoming an author and delete his beloved story The Dragon Addict to save all of the stories in the world before his story comes to life 100% and unleashes a medieval dragon on the unsuspecting modern-day New York City.

I’m actually very excited for it. Already have a great deal of it plotted in my head, now just need those pesky details. Kind of in love with it already though, so it should be fun.

Gonna focus on the Steampunk story on the weekends cuz I feel that is coming soon to a close, and then during the weekday focus on outlining/plotting/drafting The Story.

Nothing wrong with two stories at once, right?

Goal is to become relaxed and balanced:

2 thoughts on “Juggling Author #amwriting TWO stories :)

  1. Howdy again Sarah! ❤

    Glad you enjoy the idea! The characters are already strong, and that's all I need in a book to get going ^^ Wrote three pages right away without a plot lol.

    Yeah I was actually thinking of putting Steampunk on hold a bit, I feel like I'm rushing it too much and need to do a little more research. And actually have to…gasp…visit the library. I don't know why that makes me groan but I'm just an online gal lol.

    Hope you're doing well too Sarah!


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