Lost words ought to be found…#amwriting

So it took an hour and a half for one bloody paragraph, the opening for Chapter 27, but here it is. Especially posting this for @SarahKetley who helped me SHOVE out of frustration and into the dictionary. Here are the end results of my frustrating paragraph that I’m surprisingly proud of:

“But why steam?” Asked a confused Neil Nelson to Professor Higgins as the night began to roll on slowly… as if time had begun to tick slower and slower with every dilatory creak that the gears of the second hand of a clock did spin. This mundane atmosphere had been bred by their boredom which captivated the three of them – they had almost forgotten what it felt like when time moved at the speed of the entertained.

Just another little teaser of The Zeppelin Odyssey which I’m going to stop saying I’m almost done because now I have no friggin clue when I’m going to finish.

But you know what? Chapter 27 taught me something. It taught me that words are actually pretty important. I mean I knew this but I didn’t know this until this experiment.

My style of writing is so focused on the characters as I let them lead the story, that the words get lost in the shuffle between plot, characters, character arc, romance, adventure – etc. that I forget how the story can sound so much better when time is actually spent focusing on each word.

The word “dilatory” was what got me so tripped up. I was trying to find forever the perfect word. I loved how whorl sounded but it meant the wrong thing, it meant moving fast which was the opposite effect I wanted. So a little more searching and I found “dilatory” and now it might be my new favorite word for I love the end result.

And that’s the lesson for today, kids. Not that I’m an expert and you should listen to me, but it’s what I learned about my own writing and I’m going to have to force myself to slow down. So, sorry hands and characters….but the author has spoken! ((Yep, watch too much Survivor lol))

Coffee Talk: How much of writing do you actually focus on the words? And do the words themselves actually matter, or are they truly just an instrument to string together characters with plots? Feel free to discuss via comments below! ❤

One thought on “Lost words ought to be found…#amwriting

  1. YEAH,

    Glad i could help. Not that i chose the word but i did tell you to change another one to figure out where the problem was.

    But i agree, words ARE important. That is something that i find myself doing with my work. Those little edits where (when you have done your draft) you are agonizing over a sentence.

    you can’t do this every time but i do think this crafting is so important.

    Well this is the method i use when writing university papers and it gets me top grades, so i’m sure that i will work with a novel.

    anyway great post and i’m glad you got it sorted out finally. You will be much happier with something you have worked on than just making do with what ever came out first!



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