Out with the old, in with the new. New book announcement! #amwriting

Well mostly announcing this to avoid Kevin Steil (@AirshipEmbassy) from coming over to poke me about my new YA Steampunk novel. Yes, I’ve officially been Steampunk’d! I had so much fun with the Zeppelin Odyssey that I decided to put the Story on hold and now it’s time for a new Steampunk novel.

It’s called…(drum-roll!) Oscar Zemph and the Pegasus Express and it’s set in the year 1877.  I for one am very excited about it.

Got the idea whilst daydreaming on the train, and then it just exploded. Gonna do a lot more research though before I dive in, because the first half of the book is them following the story of the Railroad Strike of 1877 as his best friend and crush Christin (Chris) Keys always dreamed of being a journalist like her older brother, and he let’s them tag along on an assignment of covering the Strike from Pennsylvania to Chicago.

The second half is them finding the Pegasus Express, and that’s where it gets Steampunk-y and fantasy and even more fun.

At first it was going to be all Steampunk, but then I found the Strike too fascinating not to add it in. It amazes me how much 1877 parallels with our current economy. Like, it’s almost identical minus the riots and fires lol. So that’s the main reason I want to add so much history on it, so hopefully we can learn from history and not have another crisis. IDK, it just seems fitting for our era and I think a lot of us can relate what they went through in 1877, and thus relate to the characters. And I think if the first half is more realistic, it’ll allow for the second half  to be more believable so readers can accept a flying train as plausibility.

So yeah, it should be pretty good. Gonna hit the library some time this weekend and go from there.

I decided that the weekends will be devoted to editing the Zeppelin Odyssey and the weekday’s/lunches/train rides will be devoted to YA Steampunk.

So yup, that’s about it. New job going amazingly well and couldn’t be happier. Forgot what it felt like to like  your job again 🙂

Also, next week will be starting interviews again on LMC. So lemme know if you want to be on Celebrity Saturday and/or Ask the Reader!

Hope you guys are doing as well!

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

6 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the new. New book announcement! #amwriting

  1. Heya!

    sorry got sidetracked from going to bed (yes it’s after midnight and i have to be up early for the horses) BUT.

    I love new ideas that explode in your mind –> awesome stuff.

    have you been involved in the #steampunkchat hash tag? where we have a discussion every week? It’s my saturday morning, your Friday night (probably) its pretty cool.

    I’ve only been there a few weeks, so i’m sorry if you have been there before.

    anyway the ideas have been awesome – Really set me off.

    I’m loving my new SP at the moment. (keeping it a little quite as i am super excited about it actually)

    anyway best be off, good luck with the book.



  2. Hey Sarah!

    Glad you read my post even though you should be sleeping lol! ❤

    I didn't realize you were into Steampunk, that's epic!

    I need to get into that chat but I have the worst memory and always forget about it lol. I'm on S.W.A.G. (http://steampunkwriters.ning.com/) though and that's been epically awesome, and always inspires me when my muse is running on empty.

    I'll try and do this week's chat. I do the #Steampunk hashtag through out the week, and it was Twitter that shed the light on the amazing world of Steampunk! So glad everyone pushed me to write it, had a ridiculously good time writing first book.

    Anyway, thanks again for the comment! ❤ you 🙂


  3. ah cool… will check out your link, i will also Twitter message you about #steampunkchat next week. Then you can come if you are free…

    Yes i secretly love SP and am in the middle of plotting and drafting a 2 or three book series (depending on how it goes)

    My SP is a bit of a mixture so it’s more Steampunk Dystopia.

    anyway you are right, MUST go to bed.



  4. @Sara: Yay! Yes please do! Maybe on my live feed though, I forget often to check my Twitter DM’s lol

    @Kevin: yes of course! ❤ Would be honored hehe

    @Vanessa: Hey again Vanessa! Thanks so much 🙂 Can't wait to get started, yay!

    Thanks so much for all your support guys! I'll keep you posted how it goes ^____^


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