For @TampaSteampunk : RIP Red Quill Pen #Steampunk silliness :)

Write no more…

On this black day, Sunday the 5th of June, the beloved red feathered pen of Daylina Miller hath been lost to the sharp teeth of some curious kittens. The quill was a beautiful centerpiece, it rested upon a bookshelf proudly. It was a reflection of golden days, when quill pens were stronger then the sword, before computers and even type writers.

But to the kitties, the pen was a delightful toy. Their sharp teeth tore apart the quill pen in a painful demise. And while it is a sorrowful occasion we gather here today, we can be happy for the joy it brought those little kitties. And as Dalina painfully throws away her favorite pen, the kitties are now bored – looking for another source of entertainment.

All donations are welcome to these poor kitties, who lost their playful pen and to Daylina, who will need a replacement pen to remind her of the days before computers and typewriters, the days when the quill pen was king.

RIP quill pen, you may write no more, but you will not be forgotten.

You may find out more about the awesome @TampaSteampunk at her awesome blog here:

Stay Shiny,

❤ Claire

P.S. Still looking for more beta readers, got 5 now I think.

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