Make it Work…creativity in a non-creative enviorment #amwriting

One of the reasons I love Project Runway so much is Tim Gunn. I’m not too familiar with his work as I don’t keep up with designers, but I did watch a few of seasons of Project Runway. And one of my favorite things about Tim Gunn is his catchphrase “Make it Work”.

It’s true though.

If something is broken, fix it.

Ah, but if only life was that simple. I’m not naive, I know many times it may feel like “it is what it is” or you feel trapped in one solution.

But this is where the point of my post fits in. Yes, astonishingly enough, there is a point. And it begins with a C.

That’s right folks, creativity! Dun-dun-duh!

A lot of us writers or aspiring writers or pre-published writers or however you want to call yourself also has day jobs to help pay the bills. Because however fantastic our books in progress are, the sad fact is they don’t pay off credit card debt or put food on our tables.

And because of this, we join the working class of the world and help fuel the economy by putting a hard day’s work. And then when we go home we write our hands off, imagine impossible things and edit like crazy. And then when that’s over with, we try to do the insane thing and publish our beautiful creations.

But from 9-5 or however long you work you, well…work. Tim Gunn says Make it Work, and Tim is right!

Don’t feel like from 9-5 you have to trap your creativity. Don’t feel like you have to put it in a metaphorical jar in the back of your mind and pray that the muse doesn’t fly away before you get home and can write.

Because I discovered this week at my new job that creativity can and should work at work.

Creativity is more than creating new worlds, discovering awesome characters and writing epic battles. Creativity is simply seeing the world in a new way. Seeing people in a new way. Seeing problems in a new way.

And that imagination you love so much? Yep, that can work at work too.

Example: On Thursday, long story short I had to mad dash to Kinko’s to bind 12 power point presentations for their presentation THE NEXT DAY! And of course our binding machine was out of critical supplies we needed. He asked me what our options were. I said to either have two hard cover’s instead of the clear top or I can run to Kinko’s. He chose option B. When I came back tired and sweaty from running down Wacker trying to find the dang Fed Ex / Kinko’s, I handed the finished product to him. He noticed I had a bunch of file folders with them and asked what they were for.

I told him I had a vision of me walking down Wacker, getting knocked over, and all the files getting lost on the street, so I put each presentation in a folder to keep that vision from coming true. He said good vision.

So see, it was my imagination that lead me to a different solution of putting them in file folders to prevent from them falling down the street, getting muddy or getting caught in a taxi tire and lost forever. Might seem simple and obvious enough, but it takes vision to be different. It takes creativity to maximize efficiency.  And it’s that different efficiency that will set your company apart. And believe it or not, creativity is contagious. When you start bouncing ideas in the group, people start to think differently too. And contrary to popular belief…different is gold.

So the point of all this is Writers, don’t be discouraged 9-5. Turn it around and think how can I use my awesome creative skill to better my work? I wasn’t able to do this at my last job because they shot down every idea…but even if they shoot down your ideas, don’t give up like I did. Talk to other people that will listen. You will be happier, your co-workers will be happier, and your muse will be totally happier.

As Time Gunn would say “Chop, chop Writers…Make it Work!”

In other news, LMC is back in operation! I’ll need Ask the Reader interviewee’s and Celeberity Saturday interviewee’s! I know I said it before but my break is truly over now. Need to stop being a lazy blogger 🙂

Thanks for your patience guys! Decided to come back with a bang with this post 🙂

Now get to writing! ❤


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