The Magic is Reel….sharing some Hollywood Magic for #WW #amwriting

(Me showing off the Hollywood sign in the hills from the Kodak Theatre mall)

So I spent my 4th of July holiday in the land of make believe…Hollywood, USA.

And it was so, so, so inspiring!

Not just because my first ever story is set in L.A. (did TONS of research) but to see where some of my favorite movies were born was just an awe-inspiring experience. My ultimate dream is not just to be a published writer, but ultimately a screenwriter, and if fate is very kind…an Oscar-winning screenwriter of an original script would make me happier than winning the lottery. But I would take the winning ticket too 😉

Anyway, even if you don’t want to be a screenwriter I recommend visiting L.A. if you are a writer. It’s a brilliant atmosphere, very creative and it’s all about the movies. And guess where most movies come from? That’s right, books! It’ll inspire you to get kicking on your book so your published MS can land you a movie deal.

So yeah, if you ever get a chance to get to Hollywood, take it! You won’t regret it. And go beyond Hollywood Boulevard and the movie studios. Malibu and Venice Beach were zweee…fabulous. Miss the smell of ocean air already…

Anyway, a few pictures of my 558 total I took (told you I did a lot of research!) Enjoy! I’ll post the link to my photobucket trip album when it’s done downloading….if it ever finishes hehe.

And for those wondering, my work party went fabulous. They were all super impressed with how hard I worked on it. Kind of rocked it out as a super executive assistant I am,  lol.

A tour of Warner Brothers Studios, in Burbank

Thought I would visit FRIENDS at the Centeral Perk Cafe (WB Studio)

Arial shot of the Walk of Fame from above the Kodak Theatre Mall ❤

Shot of L.A. from the Hollywood Hills…infamous traffic and all 🙂

That’s all for now, folks! Will add my Photobucket Albulm when I upload them all, takes a lot of loading lol. Anyway, had a great time, was safe and now I inspired as hell to write! Got like 3 stories out of that trip too, including In Need of Direction so heck yeah worth the trip ^_____^

What about you guys? Any fun summer vacations or holidays if your British that inspire you?

Love my fellow writers,

One thought on “The Magic is Reel….sharing some Hollywood Magic for #WW #amwriting

  1. Looks like a great time. I visit LA often and have a love-hate relationship with it, but I do find it oddly inspiring at the same time. Thanks for the reminder that I’ve not been for awhile and need to get back!


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