Nerds are Hot…the ladies of Twitter have decided! #bnfff #FridayFashion #nerdsarehot

What’s the word?

In chatting with @NicoleLIreland we decided that nerds are indeed hot and men should not be shy about their nerdiness, but strut it and watch the ladies glomp them for it!

It all started when I was on the train ride home and saw a mildly attractive young man looking smoking hot sporting a black bow tie. He had a casual long sleeve shirt with a much more fancier black bow ties. Two looks shouldn’t have gone together, but he pulled it off really well. Sadly, there were too many people there on the train to take his picture…or ask for his number.

But thanks to Matt Smith’s sporting the bow tie, I found the Train Man’s look irresistible. Sadly, he was staring too much at his sleek looking laptop (also a plus) to notice me checking him out. Lame.

But the lesson here?


Yes it’s true. What’s this? You don’t think an international sensation show like Dr. Who and two Twitter ladies are enough to take our word for this? Fine you skeptic you. Here’s more proof:

@jetlbomb: “Confidence is always in style” A quote I love from author Jettica said to me ages ago that stuck with me. Because you’re right, it wasn’t just the bow tie that drew me to him. It was his confidence to wear a bow tie in an unforgiving world. Strut your stuff. You don’t have to be Matt Smith to make something cool. Confidence makes anything cool.

The Chive: A site called the chive did an article with hot girls showing their love for nerds:

@NathanFillion has always supported us nerds, and we love him for it. Here he is warning us against Swamp Ass:

They have a whole shows on prime time dedicated to them: The Big Bang Theory, and Chuck (Maybe? I never seen Chuck so can’t say!)

And this article might explain it better than I can:

Taken by me, copyright Warner Brothers

So what about Nerds do we love about them, or love to hate them? Do we love them because they make us feel normal? Do we love them because they make us feel cool to be Nerds too? Do we respect their intelligence and the inevitably take over the world because they don’t blindly follow what TV and movies tell us to follow?


The point is not why we love them. The point is: NERDS ARE HOT!

So go on, Nerds. If you wish you had a girlfriend, you are missing your best asset! Your nerdiness! Don’t slouch in shame, strut your stuff! Because smart is hot and confidence is sexy. So go one…rule that world. It’s your era 🙂

Beware the eye punns, but this video proves even celebrities love Geek Chic!

Stay Nerdy,

❤ Claire

3 thoughts on “Nerds are Hot…the ladies of Twitter have decided! #bnfff #FridayFashion #nerdsarehot

  1. HAHA! I love this. More guys need to embrace their nerdiness and realize there are women out there that LOVE IT!!

    Come on, nerd boys, bring sexy back. JT did it once. You can do it again. (And don’t forget the bow ties.)


  2. With this nerd look there is the risk of looking a little bit hispter. The trick is not to go over the top. If you are going to wear a bow tie don’t then wear an argyle sweater, skinny jeans, thick-rimmed glasses and excessively pointy shoes.

    Jet, your friendly neighbourhood fashion guru (and accidental hipster).


  3. @Nicole: haha…yes! JT is still sexy back but he kinda on the nerdy side isn’t he? IDK he more of the nerdy singers I thought but again that’s why I love him so much lol.

    @jet fair warning about being a hipster! Don’t just do it because it’s trendy, do it because you want to and damned what everyone else thinks! Skinny jeans always a fav look of mine too 🙂


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