#FF: How it All Started… #amnotwriting will be #amwriting

Every writer knows the purpose of blogging is to procrastinate on writing…and maybe learn something along the way while doing so.

So with that said, here’s a fascinating article that explains the not so epic but epically important birth of Follow Friday:


Learn it. Live it. Share it. Love it. Pass the Love.

So hope you all found it as interesting as I have. I love how short and sweet the start of follow Friday is, yet it massively transformed Twitter as we know it. I doubt Twitter would be as widespread as it is now without it. Maybe a bit dramatic, but from my perspective, it’s true.

In other news not as important, here’s what I’m working on:

1. Job hunting so I can have a life again. Though, I’m not minding claiming to be an Unemployed Writer 🙂

Anyone need an assistant? Will work for money 🙂

2. My first ever movie-script! Yay! As of Wednesday, it’s only been a week.

And They Will Come From The Lake
Pages: 23  Scenes: 9

3. Going to e-mail editor John Pain today about hopefully setting up something to line edit The Duke’s Trumpet (my YA time traveling story). Also waiting back from getting a professional synopsis written about story. Thanks to Diane and Patrick 🙂

4. This weekend I WILL continue Draft Three of Zeppelin Odyssey. Next step after the evil Draft Three is sending it to an editor and then self publishing on Kindle/Nook/ibook/etc. 🙂

5. Also writing a novel Seven in Chicago. That’s on hold until I finish Zeppelin and movie.

6. Also might do a short series. Got this idea that won’t leave my head. Well, got two ideas that won’t leave my head.

7. Blogging, Twitter, and Facebook

So yeah, guess you can say I’m a bit busy 🙂 Wish I had more energy though. Since I’ve been let go, energy has dropped significantly despite the massive cups of coffee I drink. Thoughts?

That’s it loves! Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far!

What are your writing goals / WIP’s?

❤ Claire

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