Embracing the Blank Page

Ah the blank page. That blinking cursor on the monitor almost mocks us writers as loudly as Nelson from Simpsons’ “ha-ha!”

But instead, us writers mock right back.

We turn that blank page, blinking cursor not just into words…but into entire worlds. Yes our imaginations scream off the page and our minds feel free at last…until the next draft.

But for that blissful (or not so blissful) moments of around 80k-130k words we are in pure bliss as we craft characters, chart new worlds and let our readers escape their own stress as they read about our character’s stress.

So how do  you guys feel about the blank page? Do you love it or are you terrified of it? I used to be scared of it until I realized a blank page is just a fresh start. Just like restarting your blog, which I plan to do today. I figured a new life deserves a new blog. So changed the format and theme and I’m rather pleased with it. Yes it’s my desktop, in word.

I chose it because when I look at it, I know instead of blogging I should be writing. And I hope instead of reading my blog, you go to writing. Because that’s what this blog is about.


And that’s what the blank page should be…not terrifying, but rather, motivating.

So go on. Crush that blank page with as many words, worlds and characters that the blank page would let you.

I dare you.

❤ Claire

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