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A while back, back in April of 2010, I had an idea for Bailey which you can read or re-read here: http://bit.ly/oNp86W to find our what readers love and hate about books. After all,  being a writer – I thought this was an important question to ask.

So now I have the pleasure of interviewing her sister, who is also an avid reader. Please put your hands together for the rock star reader, Kenzie Audacious!

Ask the Reader:

  1. How often would you say you read, per week? Per month?

    In a good week, I read about nine or ten hours. I usually get through seven books in a month, although I’m always striving to read more. August hasn’t been that friendly, unfortunately, but I hope to catch up on my reading very soon!

  1. Have you always been reading or did you just get into it?

When I was in first grade, I wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter. My teacher decided she would read it aloud to the class for a half hour every day. I was told to go to the library and find my own books. I’ve been reading like crazy since then. So, indirectly, Harry Potter made sure I loved reading.

  1. What is it that you love most about books? Why do you read?

I love getting so into a novel that I walk around talking to the characters or walk around pretending like I’m in the middle of a favorite scene. While real life is crazy with bills and responsibilities, a book isn’t. It provides me enjoyment and expects nothing in return. They offer me the most simple relationships I have in my life and I love books for that.

  1. Do you stick to one kind of genre, like paranormal, murder or fantasy? Or do you like to mix it up?

There are three genres I tend to stay with and they are dystopian, science fiction, and urban fantasy. I head into the library looking for things that fit into those categories because it’s very likely I’ll enjoy them. That being said, if I’m offered a book that someone highly recommends, I’m not going to turn it down. Especially if it’s a really good romance.

  1. What is your ultimate favorite genre?

Urban Fantasy, for sure. I read my first urban fantasy book when I was a sixth grader and haven’t changed my mind since. There’s just something that catches me when I can pretend that the magic happening down the street. It does help that I live next to a troll (just kidding, my neighbors are fantastic).

  1. Is there any genre you refuse to read? Why so?

Oh, man. I can’t stand reading historical fiction. There’s just something about it that rubs me the wrong way. I used to love the American Girl book series, too, so I have no idea when I developed this strange distaste for historical novels. I blame my United States history classes. They have to be at fault.

  1. Anything you hate about reading?

There’s something about required reading for classes that grates on my nerves. A book that I would normally enjoy can be ruined fully by a professor that I do not appreciate forcing me to read it and listen to his opinions. That being said, it can easily take a book I would’ve hated and turn it into my favorite novel if it’s a professor I do like.

  1. Do you skim? If so, what kind of scenes do you find yourself skimming?

I only remember skimming if I’m rereading a novel, or in the middle of a fanfic. There must have been times when I was reading a school novel that I skimmed through it, but it was probably skimming all the scenes that would likely be on the test.

  1. What was the last book you recommended to a friend? Why did you love it so much?

I’ve been telling everyone who will listen to read Divergent by Veronica Roth. I read the book a week after I strolled around downtown Chicago with a few friends. We went to all of the major tourist attractions, like Navy Pier and the Bean, so when they were mentioned in the novel, I could picture them so clearly. Adding in the brilliant story telling and engaging characters, the book was beyond brilliant.

  1. Do you ever tell your friends if a book sucked?

There have been times when I’ve told my close friends if I really hate a book, but I generally try not to spread bad things about it on the internet, or influence others with my feelings. Last semester, I had a friend of mine share her hatred of Frankenstein so strongly that I can never again read that book and like it.

  1. If you think a book sucks, do you read it in hopes it gets better or do you stop reading it?

Yes! Definitely. I always feel guilty if I don’t finish a book. There is only a handful of books that I couldn’t make it through within the past year. Recently, I’ve started following my sister’s rule: a book has 100 pages before I can give it up without feeling any remorse.

  1. Whose your favorite author, and what would you ask them if you could meet them?

Wow, this definitely has to be the hardest question on the list! I’ve been fortunate enough to have met a lot of my favorite authors and ask them questions. One that I haven’t met and would love to is Cassandra Clare. I’d ask her if she would find it offensive if I wanted her to sign my copy of the Draco Trilogy. Seriously, that fanfic is what got me into Harry Potter after years of being denied.

  1. What is your number one pet-peeve that writers do that you wish they didn’t?

It’s not really the writer’s fault, but I hate it when I read the back of the book and it doesn’t mention that it’s the beginning of a series. There are times when I’m looking for a book to be a quick read and instead lose the satisfaction of getting to the end of the story. I don’t think letting me know would deter me from buying the book; the reminder would just let me skip the disappointment of having to wait for the conclusion.

  1. What is your favorite thing that an author can do to enhance a story or character?

I’m instantly in love when a character has quirks and flaws that I have. I’m not talking about lovable flaws like being clumsy, but outright ridiculous flaws like getting so angry and verbally inventive that your coworkers love to talk to you and laugh after you get a terrible customer.

  1. When you read, are you watching TV or doing something else too, or are you 100% focused on the book?

I try to turn off the TV and all music when I read. Living in a dorm has taught me that it’s not always possible to get peace and quiet, so I had to adjust to reading and blocking out all the background noise.

  1. Does your mind wander on other things while reading, or does it wonder to the story you’re reading?

It depends on the book. If it’s something I’m really into, like a book by Sarah Rees Brennan or Cassandra Clare, nothing is going to distract me until I put that book down. I tend to be a worrier, though, so if I’m not totally into the book, I can definitely get my mind onto other subjects like bills or homework.

  1. Where do you prefer to read, library, home, coffee house or outside? And do you read via an e-book or old school hard copy?

Last year, I loved to read in my dorm room. The stone walls were always cool to the touch and I’d put a pillow behind my head and lean back on them, my favorite position to read in. I definitely use my Nook more than physical copies of books, but more than anything, I love the Nook application on my laptop. The only problem with that is when Twitter distracts me from reading!

  1. Do you write also? Have you considered writing?

I love to write! I really do, despite the fact that my Camp Nanowrimo novel is currently stuck on the five thousand word mark. Writing is brilliant and expresses so much, but I think a part of me will always prefer reading. It’s probably my laziness. I get to enjoy the world that someone else already created, instead of going through the work of creating my own! What brilliance!

19. Do you drink coffee or tea while reading? If so what’s your favorite kind?

Iced coffee is brilliant during these summer months! We have a chain of ice cream shops called Stewarts that offer the best vanilla iced coffee for the cheapest prices around. They have to be my favorite to drink while reading.

And that’s it! Hope you found her questions as helpful I have! And if YOUR an avid reader too, I want to hear from you on Ask the Reader – which I decided will be every Thursday.

Writers, what have you found most helpful with this interview? Readers, what do you agree or disagree with Kenzie’s answer? Feel free to answer in the comments below. 🙂

Thanks again Kenzie for a great interview! You a rock star 🙂

❤ Claire

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