#Screenwriting Versus Novel Writing #amwriting #vlog

So after talking about Vlogging with Sean Sweeney, I decided to make another vlog about my dabbling in screenwriting. In this video I talk about Final Draft, my movie, Chicago and my Steampunk Novel.

Enjoy 🙂


1. What do you guys think of screenwriting vs. novel writing? Have you guys thought about starting screenwriting?

2. What are you working on?

3. Anything else?

Post in the comments below 🙂

Also, here’s a link to Script Doctor Eric’s podcast with Matt Hill that I was talking about. Even if you’re not interested in screenwriting yourself, they are very entertaining hehe. http://www.scriptdoctoreric.com/scriptcast

❤ Claire

4 thoughts on “#Screenwriting Versus Novel Writing #amwriting #vlog

  1. A movie studio actually brings jobs & money & tourism to a city. Albuquerque has a movie studio and it’s been great for the city and the state. Most recently, “Cowboys and Aliens” was filmed at that movie studio (and around the state). It is totally a great help to local economy.

    Second, script writing is a lot of fun. I’ve always said my dream writing job would be a TV writer. Now I think it’d be fun to do a miniseries on YouTube. This was a very interesting vlog!


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